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Dr Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell PhD, BA (Hons)
Sarah is an experienced and innovative researcher. She creatively engages people in research projects, making the process challenging and enjoyable for participants. She has a unique ability to bring individual voices together to tell a powerful collective story.
Sarah has written numerous publications including academic articles, community articles, government reports and frequently writes letters and opinion pieces for newspapers. "A lifelong journey: staying well with manic depression/bipolar disorder" is her first book. In her spare time she writes travel pieces.
Sarah became interested in aged care when her parents moved to an aged care home in 2012. She has written 70 Opinion Pieces about the systemic failures of the aged care system. Sarah believes aged care system requires greater scrutiny, accountability and transparency. We need informed discussions based on evidence, recognising the rights of older people to have the best possible support, care and quality of life.