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Consumer experiences of self-managed home care packages and Mable
Dr Sarah Russell is interviewing clients of Mable
Working well with a mental illness
Dr Sarah Russell is working with Nurses and Midwives support to develop a podcast and blog for those with a mental illness to help them stay well at work
Consumer views of aged care in-home support services
Dr Sarah Russell interviewed recipients of in-home aged care, both Home Care Packages and Commonwealth Home Support Program. She is currently writing academic articles based on this research.
Aged Care Matters: Working in an aged care home
Dr Sarah Russell surveyed 360 staff about working in an aged care home. This research project is part of a larger project designed to explore a wide range of views about how to make aged care homes better for residents.
Aged Care Matters: Ageing well in an Aged Care Facility
Dr Sarah Russell is interviewing key stakeholders of aged care facilities, including residents. This research project is designed to explore a wide range of views about how to make aged care facilities better for residents.
Keeping eyes peeled on the bank of mum and dad
Sarah invites people to share a story about financial elder abuse.
Stories about us
Sarah invites people to write a story about someone they love - a friend, relative or colleague. These stories are then collated to produce a collection of stories about a particular person. For example Stories about Joan
Healing the black dog: a dog walk a day keeps depression away
Dr Sarah Russell is comparing the community building capacity of dog walking in on and off lead parks
Stay well program
After the success of her book "A lifelong journey: staying well with manic depression", Dr Sarah Russell delivers a "Stay Well Program" for people with bipolar disorder. For more information, please View brochure
Staying well with bipolar disorder
Sarah Russell and Margie Nunn deliver a workshop for mental health professionals about how they can assist people with a mental illness to develop a stay well plan
Australians for a Saner Society
Our mission is to write pro forma letters to politicians on issues that concern us.